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European supplier of mechanical cables and hydraulic brake hoses

Delivering quality, giving your products our full attention

Brake tubes that comply with European quality standards

Many products readily available from stock

Over 7.000 documented
OEM-brake hoses

Specialised in manufacturing custom products

Wide range of:

• hand brake cables
• clutch cables
• accelerator cables
• trailer cables

Over 8.000 products in stock

Remkaflex: European supplier of mechanical cables and hydraulic brake hoses

Remkaflex supplies cables whose construction and performance have been tested extensively. Our quality management system promotes the highest standards in product safety and enables us to meet – and where possible, exceed – requirements and customer expectations.

Remkaflex goes beyond what brands have to offer. Not only do we offer you a wide variety of standard products: we can also create custom solutions to fit your specific wishes and needs. All it takes is one phone call!

We have over 4.000 separate parts for hydraulic brake lines and mechanical cables in stock.

We can manufacture your custom-made cables in serial, or mass production. However, it is also possible to commission a single cable. Custom-made products are made from a blueprint, or we copy an original product.

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